Linden Anxiety Recovery Workshops

Anxiety Recovery Workshops

In 2010, we established our Anxiety Recovery Workshops Programme offering structured 1 day and 2 day Workshops immersing the patient in structured anxiety recovery. These Workshops have become popular with people from all walks of life and provide patients with an opportunity to learn advanced, simple to implement anxiety recovery techniques face to face. Located at Bockencote Hall in Worcestershire, our two day Linden Method Workshop will give clients the opportunity to experience a fast track compliance training programme.

Led by our in house psychologist Jenny Brookes, this programme will immerse clients in The Linden Method programme ethos, allowing them to ask any questions they may have and experience, first hand, an environment in which clients are able to ‘LIVE’ The Linden Method. The programme will include workshops and a number of classes and optional extras to make the experience educational and relaxing to all clients and their accompanying partners/guests.

“My life has changed so much, its guaranteed to eliminate your anxiety, you just have to do it”
James Clark Ex Anxiety Sufferer

If they wish, partners can attend the ‘Partners Session’, in which they will have the opportunity to ask questions and understand the structure and programme their loved ones are following.

As with the Retreat programs, you will also receive a full Linden Method Printed program and 12 months access to our psychologists and specialists.

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Brockencote Hall is the venue for our Anxiety Recovery Workshops

“My life has 360 degrees changed after using your printed program.”

“it is 100% medicine free which is why I tell everyone about this who is suffering from the same conditions.”

Sarah J

“It is both sensible and logical, as well as working for anyone possessing a human mind!”

“If you suffer from anxiety or depression and are considering it, I recommend give it a try.”

Nellie Ford

“My Anxiety Attacks are gone, I was able to regain my life back”

“A major block had been removed from my life and I started to enjoy with my life with my kids again.”

Suzanne Rife