What is The Linden Method?

Evidence based Anxiety Disorder Recovery

The Linden Method is simple,
supported anxiety disorder
recovery with professional support

The Linden Method will give you a simple to learn and do process that removes anxiety at its core.

It’s SO simple that children of 7 years do it with ease and don’t even know they are doing it!

You also get constant, reassurance, guidance and support from our recovery professionals who will walk you to anxiety freedom. They are qualified psychologists and psychotherapists who have all suffered, recovered and trained as recovery specialists.

Put it this way… doing TLM is far, far easier than what you do now to manage and cope with your anxiety each day.

AND, it is such common sense!


Human evolution ‘set you up’ to be emotionally balanced.


The process to adjust that balance is preset in you and every other human.


The Linden Method shows you how to access and use it fast! It couldn’t be simpler of more scientific!


How does The Linden Method Work?

It’s very scientific and just ‘commoin sense’… in fact, the only way anyone will know you are doing it is from the changes they see in you.

Two steps…

  1. The process you will do from day one… in fact, from HOUR one, will show you how to ‘switch off’ your anxiety, phobias, obsessions and symptoms at their source.
  2. By doing The Method as we show you, you will also protect yourself from ever developing an anxiety disorder again.

What do you get with The Linden Method?

  • The Linden Method Recovery Portal – Mobile enabled for any device to access wherever you are
  • Short, simple, video instructions – No reading, no note writing, no fuss
  • Reassuring ‘symptoms explained’ videos – No more researching about every symptom
  • Anxiety recovery videos – Understand exactly how to switch off anxiety
  • OCD, agoraphobia, Pure O recovery resources – How to erse obsessive thoughts and compulsions
  • Derealization & Depersonalization recovery resources – Why they happen and how to switch them off
  • Journey out of Agoraphobia – Fast, simple, structured agoraphobia recovery
  • FREE, qualified anxiety recovery support – Seamless, constant, qualified guidance
  • Anxiety recovery seminars – Reassuring answers to all your questions
  • Dozens of reassuring and quick fix anxiety resources


Everything you will need to recover and quickly regain emotional balance!

What conditions does The Linden Method address?

The Linden Method addresses all anxiety conditions including:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder – GAD
  • Panic disorder
  • Depression
  • Agoraphobia
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – OCD
  • Pure O – Obsessive Thoughts
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD
  • Derealization
  • Depersonalization
  • School Phobia
  • Health Anxiety
  • Social Anxiety
  • Emetophobia
  • Globus Hystericus
  • Social Phobia – (Anxiety disorder related)
  • ME – Myalgic Encephalomyelitis
  • Any disorder caused or exacerbated by inappropriate fear

How easy is The Linden Method to do?

It couldn’t be easier. We have children of seven and adults as old as 89 years as ex clients.

People always say that this Method ‘slips effortlessly into their lives’ and that’s how Charles and the team, as ex sufferers who understand how anxious people feel, designed it to be.

When Charles originally developed the Linden Method, in 1997, to treat his own anxiety disorders, he worked hard to make it as easy as possible by removing those things that didn’t work and retaining those things that did.

What we ended up with was a simple, powerful device that walks you to freedom from anxiety as quickly as possible.



How fast does it work?

Typically, with very little effort, your anxiety should be dramatically reduced in a day or two and gone completely soon after – that’s dictated by science and human evolution.

We have people become anxiety free in a day, we have had some take weeks, but most feel so much better almost immediately that their anxiety then goes without them even noticing.


“I knew that I was fully recovered when, after just three days, having gone from 8-10 panic attacks a day, agoraphobia, health anxiety, OCD and Pure O, to NOTHING – I drove to London alone and didn’t even notice that I had left my phone on the kitchen table. I would NEVER have left the house without it previously… in fact, I would never have left the house at all. All I ask YOU to do is DO it… don’t try it, do it.” Charles Linden


It’s as easy as 1-2-3


There are THREE steps to take. It really is THAT simple.

You won’t need to keep notes, keep ‘anxiety diaries’ (as in CBT), you won’t have to do exercises, be forced to go places, do things you don’t want to do or to ‘push your anxiety higher’.

You won’t be asked to do exposure therapy or do ‘self talk’, affirmations or ‘change the thoughts’ you have.

You won’t be doing hypnosis.

You don’t have to do relaxation exercises.

You won’t be asked to take medication or supplements.


What do you get for the price of an inexpensive meal for two?

The online portal consists of The Linden Method resources and support, but we have continued to add many FREE resources to expedite and ensure your recovery – To view what you will receiveCLICK HERE

All you have to do is watch some short videos and implement a simple day structure that anyone can do.

It really is THAT simple.

Its simplicity and effectiveness is the reason doctors, psychologists and other professionals refer patients to us every day and also why they train to become LAR practitioners.

It REALLY IS that simple… kids of seven years do it, so we know you can too.







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