What is anxiety panic attacks?

Anxiety and panic attacks, what are they and what is the difference?

As gramatically incorrect as the title above is, many people searching the internet for answers search using a variety of search terms and ‘what is anxiety panic attacks’ is, believe it or not, the most common. I presume you did the same search to find this page, which is great news because now, we will give you the answers.

Anxiety is the emotion of fear, the anxiety response in humans that acts like an alarm system, alerting the mind of threats.

Panic attacks are the ultimate expereince of high anxiety and are activated by the anxiety response when too much of the ‘stress hormone’ adrenalin is present in the blood stream and no REAL threat is present to fight or flee from.

So, what is anxiety?

Anxiety is the emotion of fear. Emotions are produced by the brain, more specifically, the subconsciosu mind to provide us with a physical and mental experience. When the senses detect something happy, they feed back information to the mind and teh mind responds to those things with an emotion… in this case, the emotion of joy or happiness.

Anxiety is the emotional response to the information back to the mind by the senses that tells the mind that something is present which MAY represent a risk to us. This can be both external or internal; in other words, it could be somethingw e detect inside of us liek a pain, symptom or thought or it could be an external threat like a barking dog, speeding car or man with a gun, for example.

No matter what is detected, the mind has to make decision and it does this by asking ‘what if questions’. These are a kind of risk analysis. These questions are designed to decide, firstly, whether something poses a risk and then, if it does pose a risk, how to respond appropriately.

What is an anxiety disorder then?

An anxiety disorder develops when the system mentioned above gets maladjusted.

People who are born with a genetic feature that is also a predisposition (tendency) to developing anxiety disorders are succeptible to becoming inappropriately anxious and in many cases, anxious continually, albeit at varying levels.

The genetic ‘feature’ responsible for the development of an anxiety disorder is, what we call, CREATIVE INTELLECT. You know you have it… you have the ability to ‘think outside the box’, to be creative, to search for and find solutions. This is not to say that you are a great artist but people with creatove intellect have a tendency towards art, design, music, building, creating, researching. They have an inquisitive nature and enjoy problem solving. They also have a tendency to lack focus, to have short attention spans and to get bored very easily. They seek stimulation and may not ‘fit in’ socially.

You’re a creative intellect, aren’t you! If you suffer from a high anxiety condition, YOU ARE and this means that not only, do you have a genetic gift, but also that your full and permanent recovery is MORE THAN possible… it’s guaranteed.