Members only anxiety recovery webinar

Welcome to my weekly Anxiety Recovery Webinar

Your login password for the webinar is: lindenmethod21po21 Please enter it into the box on the screen below and press SEND. Please read the Webcast rules below the video screen.

This webinar is to enable you to DO The Linden Method effectively. If you use the chat feature, please ONLY use it to send short and pertinent questions, not to chat amongst yourselves. Remember, Charles is doing this live and wants to be as fluent and complete with his advice as possible.

The current week’s webinar will remain live below for 7 days. Please enter your password to watch it.

Webinar rules

  • The chat area is for questions, PLEASE no chatting to each other! Please, ONLY send questions directly to Charles.
  • No swearing or abusive language.
  • Only post messages about anxiety recovery and using TLM effectively.
  • Please keep questions short so that Charles can read them easily as he is talking.
  • The content of this broadcast is copyright protected. Copying or distribution of this material is illegal.

IF you encounter any urgent problems, please email