The Linden Method & The NHS

Is The Linden Method available from your doctor or local health services?

The Linden Method provides unlimited lifetime access and 12 months unlimited professional support from our team of anxiety disorder recovery practitioners.

The NHS may pay for it, it depends on your doctor’s funding at his practice. The NHS have invested ¬£billions into CBT and other counselling practices and if you have had those, you already know that they haven’t worked.

The NHS CAN pay for TLM but it’s entirely at their discretion. Many of our clients have been lucky and their GP has funded it but many have been disappointed.

TLM falls under NICE Guidelines CG113 and can be used within, what is called, the ‘stepped care model.

Our team are accredited counsellors, psychologists and psychotherapists but witha  dufference. They provide recovery.

What is The Linden Method Program?

  • The only accredited, dedicated anxiety disorder recovery therapy
  • A structured program of anxiety recovery administered by qualified psychologists and psychotherapists
  • All specialists are registered with the BPS and the BACP
  • The programs have been developed in line with QIPP guidelines set out by the NHS
  • We offer Home Learning, Workshop and Retreat programs for all ages
  • Your doctor can call one of our mental health advisers on +441562 742004 for information
  • The Linden Method conforms to NICE guidelines under the title of ‘Guided Self Help’ CG113
  • All support is provided by telephone and email and is unlimited for all clients
  • We also provide guidance about life issues through our life coaches and psychologists
  • All Linden Method formats are overseen by our psychological team and doctors
  • We can provide feedback to GPs, with permission, on progress and any important observations


As stated above, please ask your doctor to contact us on +441562 742004 and one of our staff would be pleased to talk them through the various options.

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