The discovery that Changed my life. By Charles Linden

“I want to share with you my own personal story of how I first started using my anxiety elimination techniques and how they totally changed my life and became The Linden Method.

After many years of helping tens of thousands of sufferers on six continents use The Linden Method, I can say with confidence that you will experience your own dramatic recovery from your anxiety condition, just as I did.

Back when I was anxious, having suffered for pretty much most of my life till I was 28 years old, I started researching the techniques EX sufferers had used to reverse their anxiety conditions. I had tried just about every therapy out there, drugs, psychotherapy, psychiatry, alternative therapies, hypnosis, relaxation, yoga, Reiki,… you name it, I did it and with passion, because I KNEW that the solution existed somewhere out there! I read dozens of self help books by the most renowned experts including Susan Jeffers and Claire Weekes…

But nothing worked

I soon realized that the cause of my anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and obsessive thoughts wasn’t what I had believed it to be.

Then, during my research, I found research by Skinner and Watson, both eminent behavioural psychologists who had dedicated their lives to discovering the science of behaviour and its relationship with memory.

Comparing Skinner and Watson’s conclusions with those I had created from the interviews with hundreds of recovered anxiety sufferers that I had undertaken, it suddenly all became very clear indeed.

I then took my conclusions, created a simple, practical structure that allowed me to ‘practice’ this logic and within hours I felt different. I felt empowered and positive and stronger. I felt more focused. I felt like something had reached the ‘core’ of my anxiety and scraped a little of it away. I had no idea at that stage, that what I had stumbled upon would become what it is today, but I knew that I felt so much better and it wasn’t long before…

I began to find out!

Over the next few days, my world began to open up for me after living in an anxious bubble for so long. As time went on, I was able to ‘fine tune’ my method, adding useful resources, discovering new techniques and identifying conclusively, what does and doesn’t have value. I pulled together a group of powerful resources… some of which I could write down, some I could record, some I recorded on video and some which needed to be spoken directly, according to what needed to be said and more importantly, what the sufferers needed to hear!

The fog of fear lifted and started feeling excited about life, euphoric, elated, interested and focused again. This began to snowball into much more. The physical symptoms, neck pain, chest pain, palpitations, disturbing thoughts, dizziness, derealization, depersonalisation, smothering sensations, to name a few… disappeared!

I started experiencing some major changes in my life… I went back to work, was able to travel again, my relationship improved, I was smiling more, I had fun, I socialized and I woke up every day feeling refreshed and challenged… excited by life again.

My life changed!

I experienced such enormous changes and once the process started, it was like turning on a tap! It was as if something inside of me ‘took over’… I didn’t need to put in effort at all… my subconscious suddenly decided that ‘anxiety free’ was so much more fun that ‘anxiety full’ and IT rearranged my thoughts, my habits and my challenges… it was truly miraculous.

And this is the cornerstone of everything we do through The Linden Centres, The Linden Method and The Charles Linden Foundation.

It is also why…


I fine tuned The Method over time and created a targeted, simple to use program which produces…


Through going through this process myself, I was able to identify what it was that every single sufferer requires to make a full and permanent recovery. As time went by and I allowed more and more people access to the material in a very controlled way, I was able to measure success, scientifically monitor change and tweak the program to produce the most dramatic results with minimum effort.

I was able to pinpoint exactly how to make the evolution of learning happen deep within the brain; how to remove old, anxious learned responses at their core and how to replace them with new, non anxious learning. It is like reprogramming the brain without the long journey, frustration, pain, sadness and expense that most sufferers experience without ever finding a solution.

This cutting-edge technique, the fruits of all I went through during my research and experiences, was the beginnings of the very sophisticated program of change we now use with clients from all over the world.

A program of change that shows you how to make the vital and rapid changes you want to make without taking any wrong turns.

The change in me was incredible. I was overwhelmed with relief and my family… well, what can I say? I went from spending weeks locked away or on my grandmother’s sofa watching TV, to being back at work at the BBC, camera operating and directing! No one, including myself could quite believe what I had achieved, while, behind the scenes, hundreds of other people were using what I had discovered to recover and only myself and my wife Beth knew about it!

I became more approachable, calmer, and friendlier. I became more creative, more intuitive and just a better person to be around. I began to attract success and happiness. I went on holidays, started playing the guitar, learned photography, rode my bicycle and had fun.

Outwardly I was changed but inside, I was a different person… for once in my life I felt truly…


And all because a group of simple rules and my ability to manipulate my self in a way which produces this deep and permanent change.

So, here is my point.

No matter how desperate you feel now, you will be shocked at just how quickly you can change all that!

Over time, the group of people who used my Method at that stage to do what I did, all recovered and as more people found out about me through chat rooms mostly, my client base grew.

I was working hard at the BBC and also doing some photography in my spare time, but as more and more people used my Method and demanded more time from me for support, I had to make a career decision and in 1998 I did just that.

I decided to break away and dedicate my time solely to helping people to recover using my Method and to date I have helped well over 100,000 clients to recover.

I’m telling you, this Method is mind-boggling in what it can do for you – it can take you far away from where you are right now! I mean it.

This program is the start of a new adventure in life… allowing you to expand your possibilities, your achievements and your fulfilment in life to what YOU want them to be!

But to find this out for yourself you’ll have to keep going…to take the next step. If I had the ability to make one wish come true for YOU in this life, it would be to have the power to motivate you to use this program.

If you do, you’ll probably go all the way, because by that time you’ll have experienced so much positive change, you’ll hardly recognize yourself. (Over 96.7% of our clients who DO the Linden Method make full recoveries.)

I do absolutely everything I possibly can to make sure the prices and the access to my Method make it easy for you to join. And we do our very best to make sure that you have all the full support, reassurance and information you need as you move through the program. We so desperately want you to succeed with the Linden Method program and achieve what you want in your life.

I am so convinced, having seen over 140,000 PLUS people successfully use The Linden Method that every person who uses it gets well… IF they use it correctly!