Success Stories

Real feedback from real people

Sarah Jackson

“Hi everyone! My life was 360 degrees changed after implementing your program of Panic and Anxiety attacks relief. This method is 100% medicine free which created the urge for me to tell about this to everyone suffering from the same anxiety conditions.”

Sarah Jackson – Arizona – Ex anxiety, agoraphobia & panic sufferer

Julie Pearson

“God bless you for the work you do and the people you have helped. I firmly believe that every GP should have in the country should have a copy of your programme and it should be available for those who cannot afford it on the National Health.”

Julie Pearson – UK – Parent of anxiety disorder sufferer

Jamie Leadbeatter

“Over a year anxiety and panic attack free… Thank god I found the linden method when I did… My life has changed so much since! And I’m the happiest I have ever been!”

Jamie Leadbeatter – Hastings – Ex panic attacks & GAD sufferer

Jane Lloyd

“All the techniques in this particular program are very straightforward unlike the other ‘cures’ for anxiety available these days. The program not only provides a cure, but furthermore provides free advice whenever needed for any psychological issues.”

Jane Lloyd – UK – Ex anxiety disorder sufferer

Nellie Ford

“The program is both sensible and logical, as well as working for anyone possessing a human mind! We all have a brain – teaching it to think differently is a task we can all achieve. If you suffer from anxiety or depression and are considering this program, I would recommend you consider no longer and give it a try.”

Nellie Ford – Manchester – Ex anxiety disorder sufferer

Chris Rogers

“I have done lots research into the causes and treatment of panic attacks and I can say that the techniques in this program are widely accepted and very effective in curing panic attacks and all kinds of anxiety disorders. Perhaps the greatest advantage of this program is the fact that the techniques are not difficult or scary, but rather easy and pleasant to implement..this program is not about facing your fears, in fact it’s the exact opposite.”

Chris Rogers – Stratford – Ex GAD, agoraphobia & panic sufferer

Rupert Young

“At last! A place where someone can go to not only gather the vital life changing tools that I did, but
also an opportunity to listen to others and for the first time not feel like it was just me and I wasn’t going mad. Having done the retreat life is now something I can look forward to not fear. Working in the charity sector as a director and founder around mental health I can say that if peace is what you are looking for, look no further.”

Rupert Young (Brother to musician Will Young) – UK

Elvira Bogdanovic

“Hi Charles just wanted to say your method works 100% only if we actually DO it and not think it!!! I wish everyone a happy journey on their new path, enjoy life and don’t fear anything, go out and help someone who needs it, helping others is great and it helps you too!! Good luck everyone. And thank you Charles for everything, you’re the best!!”

Elvira Bogdanovic – Croatia – Ex anxiety disorder sufferer

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