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Simple, Accredited Recovery Therapy
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NCFE Educational Center

Rupert Young brother to Pop Idol Winner, Will Young, used The Linden Method to conquer his anxiety

Rupert Young, Founder of The Mood Foundation & brother to Will Young changed his life using The Linden Method. Rupert did The Linden Method and attended our Linden Anxiety Recovery Retreeat in 2011 after many years of anxiety and what he believed at the time to be, depression.

Rupert has been in the news in the past because of his substance abuse issues. His twin brother, Will, has been an enormously supportive influence in his life and is, it seems, the lovely guy we see on screen.

Rupert says: “At last! A place where someone can go to not only gather the vital life changing tools that I did, but also an opportunity to listen to others and for the first time not feel like it was just me and I wasn’t going mad.

Having done the retreat life is now something I can look forward to not fear. Working in the charity sector as a
director and founder around mental health I can say that if peace is what you are looking for, look no further.”

Rupert Young