Charles Linden will PERSONALLY walk YOU to recovery, LIVE!

Benefit from Charles’ experiences as a cured sufferer and the curer of 1000s


Charles will walk YOU to anxiety recovery in his direct mentoring webinars!

“The most supportive and reassuring experience I have ever had. I couldn’t believe how knowedgable Charles is and how he seemed to know me, what I was suffering from and how to cure me. I am so glad I didn’t pass this opportunity up. Amazing. Thank you Charles”
Russel Parker – Glasgow

Ask questions and get the answers… LIVE

Charles has put together a mentoring program for you to attend live.

Charles will present a live webinar where he will walk you to anxiety freedom fast!

Charles’ experience as a sufferer of 27 years of anxiety, panic attacks,
agoraphobia, OCD, Pure O, depersonalization and derealization and his 14 years

helping over 180,000 people to recoverthrough the Linden Method and through the

Retreat and Workshop programs, has provided a massive mine of information that you

can now benefit from.

This is what you will learn from Charles

  • He will tell you how to quickly switch your anxiety OFF at its source
  • He will tell you what to do in your life to permanently erase your anxiety condition
  • He will reassure you about exactly what causes every symptom and thought
  • He will tell you how to switch OFF panic attacks
  • He will tell you how to quickly switch OFF any phobias you have
  • He will tell you how to switch off inappropriate or anxious thoughts
  • He will tell you what to do about your individual situation, thoughts or symptoms
  • He will tell you how to live and love life again anxiety free
  • He will answer submitted questions from YOU live

Charles has never failed to cure an anxiety sufferer when he is personally involved.

This way, YOU and he are ‘personally involved’.


NEVER before have clients been given the opportunity to attend a session like this with Charles, with new conferencing technology (that works), he can be there with you in your home and you can ask him ANYTHING.


This is the first time Charles has been able to do this, many hundreds of people have travelled across the world to the Retreats to meet him and benefit from his advice. Now you can do the same from the comfort of your own home.

You won’t have ever experienced this level of reassurance and common sense recovery advice before

No one knows anxiety recovery like Charles does. No one else has cured so many sufferers and had access to tens of thousands of cases and recoveries.

Charles knows YOU because he WAS you

From 1968 till 1996, Charles lived anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD, Pure O, derealization and depersonalization and he also lived recovery from all those conditions. Charles can directly relate to sufferers, understand what makes them feel worse and what makes them experience recovery, which is why he is an adviser to industry, TV, radio, government bodies and tens of thousands of clients worldwide.

“Everything Charles says makes so much sense and makes you feel instantly relieved and reassured. His guidance is wonderful and his positivity and knowledge makes you realise that everything else you were told about your anxiety was just plain wrong. Charles has changed my life with his guidance and insights.” Katie L. Anxiety Recovery Retreat Client

To benefit from Charles’ knowledge, all you have to do is buy the Linden Method program in any format and log in to your ‘Members Area’ to register for the next webinar and Charles will provide you with the benefit of all his experience. The webinars run regularly. There you can ask Charles any question at all and he will be mentoring you to recovery LIVE.

Send us your specific questions for Charles to answer

Charles will make every attempt to answer your question live. He will collate the received questions, many of which will be the same, and he will answer the questions. Simply submit your questions through the support form in your members area.

What topics will be covered?

Every possible aspect of anxiety disorder recovery including Charles’ own experiences both as a sufferer and also with the thousands of people he has helped to recover.

  • Removing anxiety symptoms and thoughts
  • Overcoming phobias
  • How to stop obsessive thoughts
  • Stopping panic attacks,
  • Overcoming Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • How to correct anxious breathing
  • and of course… how to do The Linden Method program to speed up and maximise permanent results.

PLUS lots more advice, guidance and reassurance.

Please note in the unlikely event that Charles is unavailable to present the webinar, we will notify you of the new date and time for the webinar.