Linden Recovery Centers

Linden Recovery United Kingdom

Our headquarters is the hub for all international Linden Recovery activities.

Program development, Retreats and Workshops planning, media production and fulfilment all happen here. We coordinate all international activities from the UK center and because we have clients in over 170 countries, we base fulfilment and support in Europe. As an organisation, we provide ourselves on our service quality and we have always had a strict policy of overdelivering in every aspect of the services we provide.

Linden Anxiety Recovery Retreats

Ou retreat venue is an environment of comfort, relaxation and anxiety recovery.

The Recovery Retreat team chose the venue from over 60. The Elms is our ‘home from home’ and we are now a permanent fixture there. The accomodation, service, food, location and atmosphere is a true ‘environment for recovery’ and the spa is a wonderful place for clients and their families to make their experience memorable and enjoyable. In every aspect of the Retreat experience we have created a curatively successful, multifaceted program that is a joy to deliver and be part of. The dramatic results and the changes we see in clients over the 4 days they are with us is an emotional journey,even for the team members.

Linden Anxiety Recovery Workshops

Our workshop venue is beautiful, comfortable, relaxing and the perfect environment for recovery.

A relaxing environment coupled with the very best in anxiety recovery advice, reassurance, guidance and support. This centuries old house is the most wonderful venue for our Workshops. Clients say they feel ‘special’ at Brockencote and the service, food and accomodation is absolutely first class. The curative success of these programs mimics those at the Retreats. When we are asked what the difference between the Retreats and Workshops is, the answer is simple – the venue, the time that you will be emersed in an environment for recovery and the time you will spend with the team.

Linden Recovery Germany

Our European head quarters in Heidelberg Germany.

Headed by European Director Tanya Klein, Linden Methode Deutschland oversees all European activities and provides services to our clients across Northern Europe. Austrian, Swiss and German clients access the ‘Linden Methode Deutschland’ resources through both Home Learning and Digital program formats and Tanya also provides day Retreats utilising an Equestrian Centre as the basis and format for her anxiety recovery sessions. Children love the opportunity to learn to understand their anxiety whilst enjoying working with the horses and with Tanya and their parents as they are given an introduction to effective use of the programs.

Linden Recovery USA

Our USA head quarters is the hub for all American Linden Recovery activities.

We coordinate all American and Canadian activities from The Linden Center USA. Our international publishing contracts, intellectual property, US distribution and media activities are coordinated from the center. Working alongside the wonderful people at CanAm Media, New York, we provide direct access to all Linden Resources. Our USA and Canadian based clients travel to our Retreats and Workshops and in 2013 we will commence our Linden Recovery Workshops in East and West Coast Locations. We will keep you posted on launch dates and booking procedures.