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Simple, Accredited Recovery Therapy
Unlimited, Qualified Support
NCFE Educational Center

The FREE support service is unlimited and available to you for a full 12 months (from purchase date)
which means that you can get answers to your concerns ‘as and when you’ require them.

You will receive UNLIMITED reassurance and guidance from qualified experienced anxiety recovery educators

With The Linden Method material you will also receive immediate access to our team of qualified
anxiety recovery experts, who are trained counselors, psychologists and anxiety disorder elimination coaches and who are all
members of the BACP and LAR qualified to assist, guide and reassure you.

Our Specialists are constantly available, by email or telephone – all included in the cost of The Linden Method

If you wish, you can call them right now for a free, informal consultation – ask them anything at all…
they will always give you a straight and reassuring answer



Charles LindenFounder/Director

Author of The Linden Method and Director of The Linden Centers, my main role is to work with my team in order to provide clients with exactly what they need to recover. Read More >

Beth LindenDirector

Apart from being Charles’ guardian angel throughout his anxiety years, Beth is an integral part of the management of theinternational centers. Beth’s experience helping Charles through his anxiety…

Jenny Brookes BSc, MSc Psychologist

Jenny is Head of Support at Linden Recovery and provides every client with the highest level of experiential advice possible. Jenny is a psychologist and life coach …

Kathy DonovanLinden Method Specialist

A qualified counsellor with a huge amount of experience from helping thousands of clients to recover. Kathy worked alongside Charles Linden for many years, in Home Learning and residential programs …

Tanya KleinDirector Europe

Tanya runs The Linden Centre for Europe from the European Headquarters in Heidelberg, German. Tanya has been with TLM for 8 years and her knowledge is unmatched.

Sheila DarleyLinden Specialist

A psychotherapist with a specialty in anxiety disorders. Sheila’s experience is vast with thousands of hours spent assisting clients make full recoveries. Her role is to provide telephone and email support to our clients …

Jackie AndersonLinden Specialist

Jackie is a psychotherapist and has many thousands of hours of experience with anxiety and panic disorders. Jackie’s primary role at The Linden Centre is to provide direct support …

Zoe KorylkoAssistant

Zoe assist’s Becky with the smooth running of the fulfillment section of the company. Zoe’s main responsibilities are to make sure you get your Linden Method material on time.

Sue AllenAccounts

Sue is in charge of accounting and making sure that all financial elements of the operations are effectively organised. Sue also assist Beth and Jo in running the Retreats and Workshop programs.

Jackie DonkinDietician

Jackie is our nutritional adviser. Jackie presents nutritional courses at our retreats and Workshops and provides invaluable information about the role of nutrition, not only, in anxiety disorders, but also in other aspects of life.

Alan SmithWellbeing Coach

Alan is an expert in all the ‘relaxing elements’ of the programs. Alan is a Tai Chi experts as well having the only voice that Charles describes as ‘audio sedation’. Alan is a vital part of the Retreat program.