Parent, Partner or Carer?

support for loved ones

We understand that parents, partners and carers need support and guidance too

We understand first hand, how it is to care for, or live with, a person with high anxiety and we understand the emotional journey all of a sufferer’s friends and family members endure. Tolerance isn’t always easy and saying ‘the right thing’ isn’t always possible or ‘on the tip of your tongue’

We understand that the sadness, desperation and frustration experienced often manifests negatively, very often causing relationship breakdowns and even, in some cases, separation and divorce.

We recognize the impact of these factors and provide advice, guidance and instruction specifically for parents, partners and carers to use to prevent these problems from developing or turning around those that have already developed.

Our Linden Method materials include detailed guidance on the role of family members and carers whilst an anxiety sufferer recovers and our specialist support team can guide and reassure you at all stages.

You will be shown techniques which:

  • Expedite the recovery process
  • Get the sufferer to do this Method without them knowing it
  • Support recovery instead of the anxiety and the behaviors it causes
  • Help you to interact more positively with the sufferer
  • Instruct you in patient interaction/guidance techniques
  • Bring back a more harmonious environment
  • Enable activities that have stopped (holidays, trips, events etc.)
  • Help you to prevent the impact of anxiety on everyone’s lives
  • Provide ‘back to work’ and ‘back to school’ coaching

What do you have to do?

The Linden Method resources are structured to enable carers, parents, partners, siblings or friends to guide the sufferer to full recovery – and the amazing thing is, the sufferer doesn’t HAVE to know they are doing it!

You see, the Method’s structure has been said to be ‘just a great way to lead your life’ so doing it is entertaining and fulfilling.

The Method is so simple to do and fits seamlessly into a sufferers and their family’s life.

There isn’t any writing, note keeping, diary keeping or ‘rating your feelings’ to do as in conventional psychology, this technique is more about an alternative version of your normal routines… but those that bring about recovery.

Our staff are practiced at providing support to sufferers and carers and making absolutely certain that the most direct guidance is received in order to ensure, expedite and seal the sufferer’s full and permanent recovery.

Does it cost extra?

We don’t charge extra for our family and carer support, this guidance is included in the cost of all the versions that include our support services. Our qualified team have years of experience assisting carers and family in the fast and permanent recovery of the sufferer.