Panic attacks symptoms

What are panic attacks and what are the symptoms?


Panic attacks can be frightening and confusing but are totally harmless.


For most anxiety disorder sufferers, panic attack symptoms are probably the most disturbing of them all. Most sufferers live in fear of having another panic attack and this provides the fuel needed to maintain a high anxiety condition.

Most sufferers know that IF they could get rid of their panic attacks, their general anxiety levels would be minimized instantly.

Panic attacks aren’t what you think they might be!

Put simply, panic attacks are the most extreme manifestation of too much adrenalin in your blood stream. The hormone adrenalin is released to prepare your body to flee from or fight a REAL threat but in panic disorder and high anxiety conditions, there is no REAL threat, so what are you scared of?

The answer is simple, you’re scared of the fear. Because you have a high anxiety condition, your mind focuses on the symptoms of that fear and determines that your symptoms are a REAL RISK. Of course, they are not… but your subconscious mind doesn’t know that!

As your anxiety develops, your mind ‘knits together’ neural pathways of behaviour which, not only, make high anxiety and panic attacks part of your normal bodily reactions, but also stores the physical behaviours you adopt as a result of protecting yourself from increasing your anxiety.

You see, instead of protecting you from a REAL threat, like a man with a gun for example, your anxiety response tries to protect you from your anxiety, which it THINKS is a REAL threat.

As your anxiety increases, your focus on it increases, your world gets smaller as you try to protect yourself from increased anxiety and all this time, you have NO IDEA why this is happening to you. Panic attack symptoms grip you every time you try to step outside of your ‘comfort zone’.

What are the main panic attacks symptoms?

  • Racing heart, palpitations, missed beats, heart type pain
  • Breathlessness, difficulty taking deep breath, smothering sensation
  • Difficulty swallowing, lump in throat (Globus Hystericus)
  • Dizziness, unsteadiness, faintness
  • Dreaminess, feeling removed from reality
  • Tingling in limbs, hands and feet
  • Heaviness in arms, tight muscles in neck and shoulders
  • Chest pains
  • Numbness, tingling in face, scalp and neck
  • Blurred/distorted vision, strange taste in mouth
  • Strange sensation in nose – like nasal cavities are huge
  • Ringing or sounds in ears
  • Looking pale or blushing
  • Gastrointestinal issues – cramps, IBS, diarrhea, nausea, constipation, indigestion
  • Pains in limbs
  • Frequent increased need to go to bathroom
  • Disturbing thoughts – aggressive, sexual, perverse, morbid

This list of possible panic attacks symptoms is neither exhaustive or indicative of EVERY sufferer’s symptoms. Bear in mind that every person is different physically and emotionally and some people may only experience a handful of these symptoms. Some people may experience more.

Everywhere there is a nerve ending, the anxiety response can reach. If you would like advice about any symptom you experience, our staff will be able to reassure and guide you.

Why does a panic attack happen?

Every symptom you experience during a panic attack is a physical reaction to the release of stress hormones which are attempting to address whatever it is in your environment that are creating potential threat.

When no REAL threat is present to fight or flee from, your body doesn’t use up the adrenalin that is coursing through your veins so it has to evacuate it from your body. This process manifests as a panic attack. Your mind reaches a point during extreme anxiety when it realises that you won’t be taking action against anything threatening so it activates a panic attack to quickly use up the excess adrenalin.

Whilst a panic attack is not pleasant at all, it serves a purpose. It uses up all the adrenalin BUT also gives rise to all the unpleasant and often frightening symptoms you experience.

So how do you cure panic attacks?

Ours is a multifaceted panic stopper. ONE do our Panic Attack Eliminator to stop your panic attacks from happening and TWO, remove the remaining high anxiety condition that fuels them, returning your body to your ‘birth preset’ anxiety level permanently.

All you have to do is convince your subconscious mind, the portion that controls the emotion of fear, that you are SAFE and when you have done that, your mind switches off the anxiety. Not only does it switch the anxiety and panic attacks OFF but it creates a ‘knowledge firewall’ in your mind which prevents you from ever developing a high anxiety condition again. Tens of thousands of our cured clients stand as testament to this fact.