More Success Stories – Client Emails

Mark Elvidge

“My GP referred me for an assessment at De La Pole Hospital – which was most bizarre. I had to wait around 6 months, and then at the appointment with two mental health professionals(?) I began to wonder if they were the ones in need of help – but that’s another story. Anyway, after an hour, they agreed that I would probably benefit from some CBT, but the NHS waiting time was unpredictable, as there was just one individual conducting the therapy! So they suggested that I might want to try books, the Internet, or even go private. The latter didn’t seem such a good idea at the time as my ‘condition’ had rendered me unable to earn a living at that time.”

“I eventually explored the Internet – and then thankfully purchased your package ‘The Linden Method’. Just on being able to relate to the similarities of your experiences, helped me from day one.”

Mark Elvidge – TV personality and Musician

Juliet J

“I have purchased your method and it has changed my life. I thank you. Before I purchased your method I had been in a living hell for eight years and like yourself knew all the medication was not helping. In fact, it only made things worse or it made me feel like a trapped, sedated mess.”

“The freedom and joy to have my life back and not fear I would harm myself or hurt my family any more emotionally is priceless.”

“I thank you from my heart of hearts for the work you and your team have done to support me when I started. The honest, open but specific advice worked every time. I have recommended your programme to my specialist and am pushing for them to use it (and my GP) and will continue.”

“I am, like you say, a strong woman and I feel so commited to helping anyone else who is in the same situation as myself and you to have the chance to use your program. The medical profession need to open their eyes and ears and understand the importance of your program. Thank you again.”

Juliet J – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

Rey O

“Charles! I’m cured.. I’m moving out to London soon.. I’m so emotional right now cus you got me out of hell! I owe my life to you! May god bless you for what you do cus you’re saving lives.

“Right now I feel stronger than ever before and willing to overcome anything in life with a passion to move forward. My family don’t know what’s hit me. I passed my cemap course 1, 2 and 3.. after using The Linden Method I gained inner space to concentrate on my studies and pass. Right now, I’m much more stronger then my peers and I’m currently waiting to be a mortgage advisor at 23 years old only and I found my self a new girlfriend and im over the bereavement I suffered at 19, how amazing is that! I love you Charles. Seriously.. you are a living legend I wish I could meet you personally to thank you and extend my appreciation because I feel as if you saved my life!”

Rey O – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

Isabella R

“Hello everyone, to anyone out there losing hope. Do not fear, The Linden Method has made me more self-confident, less anxious, and a much more compassionate person. These anxiety disorders are a blessing in disguise.”

Thank you Charles.”

Isabella R – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

Viney C

“Charles’ method can help you in all ways, you’ve got to put your trust in Charles and listen to everything he says and writes and believe him. I had anxiety for a year and a half, and just kept researching my condition, I was going around in circles….. until I found The Linden Method, I’ve never felt so much better in a matter of a few weeks…..”

Charles Linden is one man I probably remember for the rest of my life, this man is a life saver, he’s done more for me then all the doctors I’ve visited…. good work Charles!!!!”

Viney C – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

Jennifer M

“It’s amazing how much more relaxed I feel about the upcoming birth of my twins after doing the method. I’m actually looking forward to this big hectic change in my life rather than frightened! I’m so thankful I came across The Linden Method after having my first child and years of unexplained anxiety, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me and I still thank you Charles!”

Jennifer M – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

Danejla K

“Hello Charles! I just want to say thanks because your book was like light at the end of the tunnel. I had agoraphobia for 6 years (attacks, anxiety), and I change over 20 psychologists and psychiatrists but they couldn`t help. Agoraphobia is still taboo in small countrys like Bosnia. I couldn`t belive that one book, one cd, one man, can make such a diferents. After 6 years, I`m OUT again, feel so good, like nothing ever happened, thanks to ur book. I wish you all best, and feel sorry coz I cant give u a hug, coz u done so much for me and people around me.”

Danejla K – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

Lisa K

“Lisa K. is spreading the word – this method works!!!! don’t bother with all the other therapies out there that promise to work and cost you a fortune…”

Mr Linden you rock and thank god you shared your story and the things that helped you recover – just wished I had found the method 6 years ago I’d be a richer lady – spent thousands trying to find the answers!!!!”

Lisa K – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

Elizabeth P

“Hi Charles, I bought the method about 18 months ago I followed all your directions, I am now free of anxiety and panic attack. Thank you.”

Elizabeth P – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

Caroline P

“Hey! I just want to say ive been doing The Linden Method for 2 weeks and oh my god! The difference!

Ive had this anxiety attacks since age 11 and im now 26 and to the extent of up at 10pm till 5am one panic attack after another. It’s fantastic!”

Caroline P – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

Hayley S

“If you doubt this method works, check out further evidence about using neuroplasticity to rewire the brain to produce non anxious behaviour and feelings.

It worked for me, and will for anyone if they believe it and follow the method. In fact it cannot fail. Believe this with all your heart. Let your brain heal itself, and get out of the way!”

Hayley S – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

Jacob S

“Charles method says that anxiety disorder is simply a normal human emotion triggered inappropriately. This is a very accurate description of what anxiety disorder is as far as we can tell. Don’t believe the heavy propaganda ‘professionals’ tell you regarding anxiety disorder being caused by ‘brain disease’, ‘chemical imbalance’ etc.”

“Contrary to what the mental health experts parrot there is still NO demonstrable biochemical evidence which proves such a “disorder” exists. Anxiety disorder cannot be found on a dead persons brain. Any mental health expert who tells you otherwise is lying. If your studying pathology like me you will find that anxiety disorder is nowhere to be found in the standard textbooks of pathology (it cannot meet the nosological criteria of disease classification).”

“There is so much junk science being thrown around everywhere Im not sure whether to laugh or cry. Please people before you bring your biases, pet beliefs, give Charles a chance, he’s genuine. He has what most of these mental health peddlers don’t have which is first hand experience!! Remember, real world experience trumps even the most complex concepts and ideas.”

“Ultimately ideas have to be tested in the real world to be validated. Im sure many of you have tried these anxiety therapies, CBT, psycotheraphy etc and failed miserably go on take a chance with this method. It worked for me.”

Jacob S – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

Robert K

“Just a note to anyone thinking of buying this product – It does work! I am 95% there now and the only reason am not 100% is because ive contiued to drink a few on the weekend and have got a couple of phobias to deal with which I picked up with the anxiety!”

“I had all the symptoms including chronic muscle pain – racing heart, horrid thoughts, OCD, I was too scared to talk to anyone. I’d read every book, vistied every therapist and this method is the best. I never got a correct diagonis until I got The Linden Method it all made sense afterwards. The support staff are very nice too – buy it – you wont regret it!”

Robert K – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

“I just wanted to thank you personally, Charles, for your method! I stumbled across this on the internet a couple of years ago, and didn’t go ahead with it – I wish I had. I would have saved lots of money and heartache! I never thought I’d feel OK again, I thought my life would always be a struggle due to anxiety and OCD. After only 5 weeks I have my life back.”

Gill H – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

“I owe my life to Charles linden … he was like an angel that came in to my life and made me believe that I can get rid of my anxiety. I love this man with all my heart .. he is saving lives! he is blessed by god .. he is simply blessed “

Rey – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

“I just wanted to email you and say thank you so much for your book, it has changed my life. I would have never had this feeling without your help. It’s not over, but I know it will be. I have set so many new goals and want to help people and meet people now. I just can’t thank you enough!”

Zach M – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

“Just wanna say a quick thanks… You’ve made sense of it all now and I’m working with your pack every day. It all seems to be going well and I’ve started getting back into everyday life – even going swimming now. Worth every penny. Thanks Charles… The world’s a better place with people like you. I know your method can and will help 1000s of other people.”

Richard S – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

“I just wanted to say how very grateful I am to your programme. I found it during a time of suffering from acute anxiety and panic attacks. The programme turned me around so quickly, not a single panic attack since, and that was 4 years ago. I know I’ll never have another. Thank you so much.”

Julie G – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

“Received my ‘Linden’ package; already much impressed! I have gone from not wanting to leave the house to going to an hours appointment at the hairdressers. I took a book with me and realised that I was breathing properly, felt ‘normal’ and calm and even enjoyed a cup of coffee. The weeks prior to this I would bolt in, have my hair trimmed, and bolt out again, in fear of panicking. So yes, something has ‘clicked’.

After having anxiety attacks since childhood (I have just turned 60) this is miraculous to say the least. I have just retired from working in a Doctor’s surgery. In fact, in a job like mine, it very easy to imagine you have every illness in the book, not the best place for anxiety sufferer to work and yet I have thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

I have just started the nine pillars. I thought they might be complicated but in fact it is simple and make perfect sense, because I was dwelling on my sensations which were horrific all day long, but not any more. From now on I will not mention the a….. word!

Thank you for the ‘method’.”

Angela K – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

“Received my ‘Linden’ package; already much impressed! I have gone from not wanting to leave the house to going to an hours appointment at the hairdressers. I took a book with me and realised that I was breathing properly, felt ‘normal’ and calm and even enjoyed a cup of coffee. The weeks prior to this I would bolt in, have my hair trimmed, and bolt out again, in fear of panicking. So yes, something has ‘clicked’.

After having anxiety attacks since childhood (I have just turned 60) this is miraculous to say the least. I have just retired from working in a Doctor’s surgery. In fact, in a job like mine, it very easy to imagine you have every illness in the book, not the best place for anxiety sufferer to work and yet I have thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

I have just started the nine pillars. I thought they might be complicated but in fact it is simple and make perfect sense, because I was dwelling on my sensations which were horrific all day long, but not any more. From now on I will not mention the a….. word!

Thank you for the ‘method’.”

Angela K – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

“Dear Charles…

I ordered your program on the 15th of this month… I believe I received the e-book, and materials on the 16th…

Less than 24 hrs later…



In actuality…the process took but a few hours to digest, but I was cautious about saying that I was “repaired”!

Note: I used the term “repaired”…as an alternative to the word “cured”…as you had said I did not have a disease!

Question: Have you ever heard of having a “soul mate”…or similar vocabulary as to your “persona” being the duplicate of another person somewhere in the World?

What is interesting is that it is alarmingly similar that…and do please note…I avoided using the words “fearful/scary”…

As my father in-law had always joked…

“It is like we went to different schools TOGETHER!”……

The analogy is the striking similarities of struggle in life’s challenges…and the “amazing” ability to “overcome” all adversaries!

I myself am a “non-medically” trained individual, not unlike yourself…

I found my “niche” in this world in the calling regarding “flight” and “aircraft”…

In my “hay-day”…some twenty-odd years past I was considered the “doctor”…

As, if there was a problem that could not be reconciled…people would turn to me… Hence the “nickname” DOC…


You are the same…helping “others” where no one else does!

I never asked myself where I could myself get “extraordinary” powers from? And the answer was in “adrenalin”…the same “adrenalin” which got out of control and caused the anxiety and panic. I just wanted to say Thank You… Thank You… your wife Beth…and your entire support staff…

I can NEVER go back to where I was in “LIFE”… and do not take my successes lightly. Although I grasped your knowledge quickly I have continued to grow each hour of every day. The endless possibilities a NEW DAY brings…are excitement to one’s heart, mind, and soul…

God Bless…

Robert B – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

“I am writing to thank you for writing “The Linden Method” and to tell you about the profound change it has made to my life.

Three and a half years ago I was having help from a Consultant Psychiatrist, a Psychologist, a Mental Health Nurse and my G.P. I was taking 10mg of Diazepam and 45mg of Zispin daily. In spite of the medication I felt dreadful. I woke early in the morning with a churning stomach. I had to get up right away and I trembled for half of the day. Because food made me feel ill I had developed a food phobia and often chose not to eat. My weight plummeted and my mouth was always dry. I was afraid to go out and I went nowhere, did nothing and had no friends. My husband and family were loving and kind and patient but perplexed and unable to help me. My mind teemed with worrying thoughts and I often thought about ending my life and thought about how I could do that. I had been in this state for a year.

When I saw the advert for “The Linden Method” I felt I was clutching at straws but sent off for the Introductory Video. I immediately felt I could relate to what you were saying as I had discovered myself that talking about my condition at the “Anxiety Meetings” made me feel worse, not better.

I embarked on following “The Linden Method” and gradually persuaded the Health Professionals that I could manage without them. I was told by the Consultant Psychiatrist that I would never be able to come off Diazepam because I wouldn’t be able to cope psychologically.

Gradually, my food phobia went and now I am back to eating with enjoyment, cooking and baking and having to watch my weight! I love our little garden and growing things from seed and am experimenting with growing some fruit and vegetables. When my husband had an operation I was able to get the bus to Tesco, do a big shop and get a taxi back by myself, and shopping holds no fears for me now. I read avidly and am writing my memoirs at the request of my grandchildren. I am able to go on holiday again and in August I went to Scotland by train with my husband – something I hadn’t been able to do for many years.

I was able to regain my Christian Faith, to rejoin the Methodist Church, to meet again old friends who welcomed me with open arms and to become absorbed in all the activities of a very busy, caring church. I now have the joy of a loving God at the center of my life.

I am now optimistic. I am busy and very happy and there are so many things I want to do I have difficulty fitting them all in.

Thank you to Fiona. I didn’t phone The Linden Center very often but when I did her calm, helpful and caring manner never failed to help me and just to know she was there kept me going.

So, once again, Charles, thank you! I hope my story and my appreciation will repay you in a small way for what you went through and for your hard work in helping others.”

Shirley S – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

“I am extremely impressed with the Linden Center and its very simplistic, yet effective program. Having reviewed other methods available, this one surpasses the others!

My husband and I researched the Internet, newspapers, books, libraries, medical books and physicians to find some help, but nothing even comes close to the thought behind the Linden Method. In a matter of weeks, I observed my husband showing progress; and now several months into the Program, the change is remarkable and wonderful!

The “other” programs out there promised success, but it seemed to me that they were more interested in money, and not the well being of my husband or myself.

Being a nurse I was a little skeptical at first, but after educating myself on the actual program; I quickly changed my mind and felt more positive of the promises that the Program offered. I particularly enjoyed the video that Beth made. It really opened my eyes to what the Program really means and what commitment we must all make, to make this work.

There were times that my husband displayed anger over a situation or towards my response to a situation, but I have learned that I am correct in not supporting his old habits. Reinforce the good and dissolve the negative.

I do tell my husband on a daily basis how well he is doing… …and what gains he has made and that he should be proud of himself and what he has accomplished… …incredible!

Because of my background in conventional medicine: I was accustomed to fixing problems and concerns, by discussing, analyzing and then medicating. The Method makes much more sense! Why continue to “train your brain” to reinvent anxiety… …Why not erase that pathway and take the right road!!! Such and easy and sensible concept!

Very soon after initiation of the Program… …I could see my husband start to do things that brought joy, and cease doing things that were painful and unpleasant. It was so amazing to see the change happen before my very eyes!

I wholeheartedly agree 100% with the Linden Method. I have even grown from the Program and I do not have anxiety.

Thank you for offering such a wonderful uncomplicated, realistic program. It is such a joy to find people who really care that some one gets help; and not for the monetary gains.

Again, God Bless You all… for such a remarkable Program… …Glenn is Glenn again! What I mean by that is Glenn is better that he ever was… …so glad we found you, I do not know what we would have done!”

Joy S – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

“Like most toddlers, Joe had separation anxiety when I went back to work part-time and he started nursery at a year old. It got really bad though after starting school. Before bedtime he’d complain of feeling ill. He’d invent illnesses, such as sore toes! I knew it was leading up to not wanting to go to school. I kept telling him school was important, but he also had fear of failure, thought he wasn’t as bright as other children, though actually he’s very bright.

Most mornings Joe clung to me at the school gates, almost tearing my clothes, screaming, and holding onto my legs.

I checked – he wasn’t bullied. Once in school, other than being a bit of a wallflower, he was fine.

A friend who’s a mental health practitioner said Joe had symptoms of anxiety. So, when Joe was 9½ we consulted a child psychologist, costing £80 a session. It made Joe more afraid. “Mummy, am I going mad?” he’d ask. After two sessions he said the lady scared him. We didn’t go back.

Our GP said it was anxiety, and that it would go. I tried Rescue Remedy, which helped a little with his sleep. We both went to yoga, which, again, helped a little.

Last summer, as Joe faced starting senior school, it got really bad. He’d wake four or five times a night with nightmares and panic attacks. He stopped eating much, saying he felt sick. He lost weight, got headaches and felt dizzy.

I looked up school phobia on the Internet and found The Linden Method, devised by Charles Linden, who’s conquered his own disabling anxiety. By coincidence a friend said that another friend who has agoraphobia had begun investigating the technique.

I called The Linden Method number, and they were just launching their junior program.

While waiting for their manual and audio CDs to arrive, a Linden therapist gave me some pointers over the phone. She explained that anxiety isn’t an illness, it’s a habit, and that giving Joe a hug when he got into a state might inadvertently encourage it. She encouraged me not to reward the anxiety with attention, but to listen to him, then divert his attention onto something he enjoyed: football tricks, painting, reading etc. I’d got into the habit of sitting on the sofa with Joe, hugging him, and saying ‘it will be okay.’

One of the packs CDs guides relaxation for children. Joe and I do that together, and both fall asleep! Joe really enjoys it. It enables him to switch off. We also listened to the panic attack eliminator together. Joe realized that before bed he’d psych himself up, scared of waking with a panic attack. Almost immediately those attacks stopped. What joy to wake at 8am and realize you’ve both slept all night! For the first few weeks I rang The Linden Method therapists several times a week for support – with the program you get a year’s phone and online support. That’s a lifeline.

The manual and CDs taught me about anxiety and coping strategies. With the kids CDs Joe listened to Charles Linden talking about his problem, and it silenced his demons. After realizing it’s fear of fear that’s the problem, it was like a lightbulb switching on.

We started the program in early August. Within three weeks we both knew it was working. When Joe started senior school in September he was apprehensive, like any 11-year-old, but no panic attacks. On the way to school he said ‘I’ll be okay Mum’. That was a first!

At his old school teachers said Joe needed more confidence. Now he’s the one putting his hand up in class, is keen to see friends after school, and attend the after school club. Before he’d escape straight home. He’s a different boy.

I used to feel I was a carer; now we have fun together.”

Natalie Smith – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

“I thought I would write in as it has been a while now. The reason for my writing is to thank you all for the support you have provided me since I became a ‘methodite’ in August 08. At the time I know I was your worst customer and I dont need you to sugar coat it, I was ringing twice a day complaining that my condition had not improved vastly overnight.

With the benefit of time and even hindsight I can now honestly say my life has improved massively and it is down to the information your method provided. I soon became aware that the NHS are no great help with these conditions and that the only people in the world who can help and understand you are those who have been there themselves.

I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and once again life is worth living. I have as good a social life as I have had in years, I am back in the gym, playing football twice a week, I am back in my stressful job and what is more I am managing and without any medication.

One of the key things your continued help and support allowed me to do was go through with my marriage in December 08 and for that I was and still am very grateful to you. The constant words of encouragement and the sheer explanation of my condition gave me an understanding of what was happening as well as a base to work from. I also feel, that with my darkest days behind me, I have become a much stronger person for my experience both physically and mentally and that hopefully this should not afflict me to the same degree ever again.

Thank you all so much and please do keep up the good work (the website is looking really good by the way and it is long overdue that you got some mainstram recognition!) You have the ability to change people’s lives and you continue to do that.”

James Hartley – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

P.S. In November you said that when I was felling better I should send you some wedding pictures. So please find enclosed a few along with a picture of myself in the Dominican Rainforest. The reason for this shot being that in the Method book it says your anxiety cannot and should not stop you going anywhere or doing anything. In light of how bad I was it shows what can be done.