Globus Hystericus or Globus Pharyngis – Sensation of a lump in your throat

What is Globus Hystericus or Globus Pharyngis?

People who suffer with high anxiety conditions such as generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia, OCD and Pure O, for example, often complain of a sensation of restriction or that they feel like they have a ‘lump in their throat’.

Many people go to their doctor concerned that they might choke or that there may be something medical going on in their throat. Many people don’t do anything in fear that they might discover something dreadful

Let us tell you from vast experience that never in all the years we have been helping people, has anything sinister been behind this symptom. There is a very sound reason why people experience this sensation called Globus Hystericus, and here it is…

…What is this dreadful symptom? The truth will probably shock and reassure you simultaneously!

Let us take you back to before man existed on earth.

Before we were humans, we were amphibious… yes you heard it right… we were once like lizards!

There are many features in humans left behind by our scaly and hairy ancestors (these are called vestigial structures), one of which is part of the brain responsible for keeping us ‘safe’ that activates the ‘fight or flight’ response.

When we were amphibious, we would have to move from land to water and back at will and the brain and body evolved to include control over muscles in the throat which would contract to prevent water from going down into the lungs. This is called the dive reflex.

Unfortunately, that response remained with us throughout evolution and when we feel threatened, those same muscles tighten giving us Globus Hystericus (Hysterical Ball) sometimes referred to as Globus Pharyngis, which feels like a lump in the throat.

It may feel threatening but actually the physical restriction is so minute in reality that it could never and would never stop the flow of air to the lungs or of the passage of food to the stomach. There is no physical lump in the throat, just the sensation of one.

Globus sensation, like all anxiety symptoms is part of the body’s flight or fight self preservation mechanism and all part of and activated by the emotion of fear.

Why are you focusing on your throat?

Many people focus on their throat when they have Globus Hystericus… why? Well mostly because it’s a different kind of anxiety symptoms, but also because they might believe that the symptom has the ability to suffocate or choke them, which it won’t of course.

When any symptom of high anxiety becomes the sufferers ‘anxious focus’, it also becomes the catalyst or FUEL that sends the anxiety levels yet higher.

Over the 15 years and 160,000 plus people we have helped, we have helped many tens of thousands of people who have Globus sensation when they come to us, but actually it is probably the one symptom that is both easy to eliminate and also which disappears the fastest.

What can be done about Globus Hystericus?

This, like any anxiety ‘symptom’ isn’t in fact a symptom, because the word symptom implies illness and you are NOT ill. Anxiety is an emotion and like any emotion, it carries with it a distinct group of physical sensations and thoughts otherwise, how would you know that you are happy, sad or fearful for example?

All of the sensations and thoughts you experience at the hand of your anxiety are just features of the disorder and the disorder can be deactivated at its core by telling your subconscious mind that you are SAFE. When this signal is received by the mind, the emotion of fear is switched off, taking Globus and every other ‘symptom’ with it!

How fast is recovery?

If I were a piano teacher, would you ask me how long it will take to learn to play?

Your mind developed a high anxiety condition because, albeit subconsciously, you told it to!

In the same way as you picked up the ability to walk, talk, ride a bicycle or speak a language, you did it by carrying out a repetitive action, even if that happened by mistake or as a result of leading your life normally with no direct effort or focus.

We have created a Fast Track recovery process that will remove Globus Hystericus /¬†Globus Pharyngis fast and will return your anxiety levels back down to ‘normal’, what we call your birth pre-set anxiety levels before your anxiety disorder.

The beauty of this is that it is so, so simple to do and the results happen fast. Why? Because the process we teach you is the body’s own anxiety elimination process. We just show you how to force it to happen.

The solution

Our solution is so simple to implement that children of seven and older people, as old as 96, have completed the program with ease. Many children do it without even knowing they are doing it!

The beauty of this program is that you can try the Digital Version or the Printed Version for up to 12 months, at your leisure and if it doesn’t work, we will refund you every penny. Why? Because we know that your Globus sensation will soon be a thing of the past and that your anxiety will be eliminated… we know because we have seen it happen tens of thousands of times.

If you choose a program with support included, we will also be here to guide you when you need it and reassure you at every step of your recovery pathway.

Order The Linden Method and cure your Globus Hystericus now…