Cure? Recovery? Treatment?

THIS TRUTH will mean YOUR speedy, total recovery from your anxiety & symptoms

Anxiety is an emotion not an illness…

…even when anxiety levels are raised and cause panic attacks, OCD, obsessive thoughts, agoraphobia, Pure O, physical and psychological symptoms and immense distress, it is still just an emotion.

It’s difficult for anxiety disorder sufferers to come to terms with the true nature of their suffering and when doctors are so quick to write prescriptions, it’s easy to get caught up in the belief that there is something wrong with you, that you are ill or are suffering from a mental illness.

You can’t cure, or recover from, anxiety because anxiety isn’t an illness. In the same way as you can’t cure happiness, or recover from jealousy, it is impossible to remove the emotion of fear.

Just because anxiety conditions make you FEEL the way you do and because someone may have tried to help you by prescribing medication or psychology sessions, doesn’t mean that you are ILL.

Have you tried medication and therapy? Are you cured?

The reason anxiety conditions aren’t cured by medication and therapy is because neither of those treatments can reach or affect the emotion of fear in the subconscious mind. At best, these treatments will offer you a chance to talk about your condition and the medication MIGHT sedate you slightly.

So what is the solution to reducing high anxiety?

ALL emotions are activated when the subconscious mind receives signals from our senses that provide information about our environment. When a sad film is watched, that data feeds back from the eyes and ears to the emotional control center in the brain and it autonomically (without conscious instruction) activates the emotion of sadness. Similarly, when RISK is detected by the senses, the anxiety response is activated.

When the external environment changes and the emotion is no longer required, it switches off.

Your anxiety should have switched off a long time ago, but it didn’t.

Your anxiety failed to switch off because of your high creative intellect which continued to feed your anxiety control center with anxious ‘scenarios’ and thoughts after any REAL threat was long gone.

How do you convince your mind to switch off YOUR anxiety?

You simply send ‘non anxious’, safety signals up through your senses to it, in order to tell your subconscious mind that the emotion of fear is no longer necessary.

The process is so simple, so natural and so effective because… ‘that’s just the way the body works!’

It’s very easy to get trapped in a cycle of symptoms causing anxiety, anxiety causing despair, despair reaching out to doctors or psychologists etc. But, the truth is that anxiety disorder elimination is a natural process that can be manipulated into happening and that you can do this fast and effectively with simple guidance.

Complete anxiety recovery in 3 simple steps