Linden Residential Anxiety Recovery Retreats

Our residential Anxiety Recovery Retreats offer

  • A place to become immersed in the curative process
  • A supportive, structured programme led by qualified psychologists
  • Reassurance about every aspect of the patient’s condition
  • Anxiety recovery guidance for partners, carers and loved ones
  • Stay in a luxury spa hotel for you & accompanying friend or family
  • Ongoing, seamless support and guidance during the recovery journey
  • Life coaching for during and after recovery
  • Confidence coaching, relaxation, postural and dietary advice

We are the leading independent provider of bespoke, targeted residential anxiety recovery retreats. Developed by Charles Linden and his team of anxiety recovery specialists, the results speak for themselves. On day one we see anxious, withdrawn, frustrated people walk in, but at the end of the program, confident transformed people leave us as friends.

Our anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD and Pure O Retreats provide sufferers with a structured and supported program of anxiety recovery which educates, nurtures and supports sufferers along their recovery pathway.

“My life has changed so much, its guaranteed to eliminate your anxiety, you just have to do it”
James Clark Ex Anxiety Sufferer

With the experience of treating over 200,000 anxiety sufferers, our aim is for you to leave our retreat with a new found sense of calm and fulfillment.

Our programme works because it creates the changes made in the subconscious mind that have to be made in order to experience recovery.

There is only one cause of anxiety conditions in humans and therefore, only one cure and it’s the exact same process that every recovered sufferer has had to follow. This isn’t our claim, it’s recognised medical and psychological fact.

All we do is show you how you can ‘short cut’ that process.

Anxiety Recovery Workshops

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Watch this video to learn more about our anxiety recovery retreat

The Elms Hotel is the venue for our Anxiety Recovery Retreat

“The program turned me around so quickly, not a single panic attack since, that was 4 years ago”

“I know I’ll never have another. Thank you so much.”

Julie G

“I am cured! It happened without me really realizing and all of a sudden.”

“There is no fear left inside me. I have well and truly kicked it into touch.”

Gillian Brierley

“Thank you, your help has been a life changing transformation for me!”

“Last night I went to a symphony with friends, 1 week ago I would not of been able to do that!”

Simon, New York