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Help sufferers from around the world recover, just the way you did

Help us to change the anxious world and earn 20% of every sale value by referring one of our programs

Joining is so simple. Just fill in the form below and you will receive an email that we will lead you through the fast and simple set-up process.

Below this form are some suggestions fro ways you could use your affiliate link to maximisze the potential of your Ambassadorship.

Here’s how it works


Once you have received confirmation that we have received you details and activated your profile, log into your dashboard as instructed in the email from Ambassador. If you can’t wait, there is a link in the email you can start using straight away.

You can get your referal link by clicking the ‘share’ button, when someone uses your link to purchase one of our programs you earn 20% commission.

You can also use the Facebook and Twitter buttons to post a recommendation to your followers and friends to join The Linden Method.

Ideas for promoting The Linden Method

1 – Post your link on your Facebook timeline regularly – don’t forget that your Amabassador recommendation will move don your page over time – to ensure that page visitors see it, you could re-post it regularly.

2 – Tweet your link through your Twitter account regularly – perhaps offer some supportive, reassuring or inspirational words to your Tweet.

3 – Post your link in your blog or perhaps in someone else’s anxiety disorder blog

4 – Refer people from chat rooms or forums by offering some supportive words and gently pursuading people to TRY The Linden Method

5 – Create your own blog or website – WordPress is so easy to use and can be downloaded free of charge. 1and1 hosing offers a very easy to use website builder that enables you to build a website and choose an address to put it on in minutes. It’s so simple to use. Go to

6 – Print your referral link on leaflets or cards to take around your local surgeries, hospitals etc.

7 – Write articles about your own anxiety recovery and post them on for example. You can add your own Ambassador link to the article to refer clients

8 – Create a video testimonial on YouTube and add your link in the description

9 – Advertise using Facebook Ads and add your link to the link segment

There are so many ways you can refer people to the program and help millions around the world to benefit too. If you have any other ideas you’d like to discuss with us, please contact us using the contact page.