Why I Know That The Linden Method Will Change YOUR Life



“A trial proven anxiety recovery therapy with an average success rate of reducing anxiety disorders from severe to normal.  27 years of my life were ruined by anxiety, panic, OCD, agoraphobia, Pure O, health anxiety, depression & derealization – aged 27 I turned my life around using a simple process. Since then, I’ve now shown over 170,000 sufferers worldwide how to do the same using my Method.”

Charles Linden – Founder of The Linden Method and Linden Tree Education


The Linden Method is the ONLY dedicated and accredited anxiety elimination therapy
offering unlimited support and reassurance from psychologists & psychotherapists,
who are all qualified LAR Anxiety Recovery professionals, until you are happy


Charles Linden
Director Linden Tree Education
Director Anxiety Recovery Retreats

The road to freedom from Anxiety disorder is not as long as you may think

There is only way to recover from Anxiety, Panic Attacks, OCD & Agoraphobia and it’s simple and fast to activate.

Anxiety Freedom – Born of a full understanding of what causes high anxiety, panic, OCD, agoraphobia and all associated symptoms and thoughts. The Method works for every sufferer because it reverses the process that caused the high anxiety to begin with.

Created around PROVEN SCIENCE – Our technique shows you how to reverse the formation of your high anxiety levels, and return them to your ‘birth pre-set’ level.

Immediate Relief & Reassurance – You’ll never be alone with your symptoms and thoughts again.

Simple to Grasp – The Linden Method has been devised to enable you to understand the principles in minutes, implement them immediately and experience results within the first 24 hours with minimal effort.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL “I have purchased your method and it has changed my life. I have recommended your Method to my specialist and am pushing for them to use it (and my GP) and will continue. I am, like you say, a strong woman and I feel so commited to helping anyone else who is in the same situation as myself and you to have the chance to use your Method. The medical profession need to open their eyes and ears and understand the importance of your Method. Thank you again.” Juliet J – Ex Anxiety Sufferer

Why is The Linden Method so different to other treatments?

  • Unmatched history – Over 170,000 clients over 17 years.
  • Accredited Therapy – The world’s only dedicated, accredited anxiety disorder recovery therapy
  • NICE – The Linden Method complies with NICE Guidelines CG113 for use in a medical setting
  • Registered ISBN – Book Registry ISBN: 0-9549803-01.
  • Evidence – Reduction from 18.24 out of 21, to 2.84 out of 21 in trials (from severe to normal anxiety levels)
  • Qualified support – The only resource with unlimited, qualified support from psychologists, psychotherapists and Doctors.
  • A variety of formats – The only Method with Home Learning, Seminar, Workshop and Retreat formats.
  • Simple to do – Kids of seven years do it without even knowing they are doing it.
  • Endorsed – The only Home Learning resource for anxiety recovery supported by academics, psychologists and doctors.
  • Famous clients – Endorsements by celebrities, aristocracy, medics and psychologists.
  • International – English, German, Spanish, Danish and French language versions.
  • Published – Conventionally published books and DVDs through Hay House Publishing.

What does The Linden Method include?

  • The Linden Method Manual – Reassuring information and the Ten Pillars – the rules that create the ‘environment for recovery’
  • The ‘Fast Track’ DVD/Video – a 13 minute video presentation which shows you what to do NOW to experience IMMEDIATE relief
  • The Linden Method CDs – Devices to enable you to stop panic attacks immediately. Useful relaxation techniques
  • Journey out of Agoraphobia – 5 steps to cure agoraphobia for good
  • The Panic Attack Eliminator – a simple technique to stop panic attacks in their tracks
  • Resources within the online Members Area – Other supportive, reassuring and informational material and resources
  • Unlimited, qualified support by email and phone – instant and constant access to support by email and telephone